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For children experiencing difficulty focusing, paying attention and sitting still in the classroom. The objective is to help children learn to monitor, maintain, and change their level of alertness appropriate to the situation or task involved. CKFTO's Alert Program develops simple, effective self-regulation strategies for optimal learning.



The Alert Program assists children in understanding the basic theory of sensory integration related to arousal states. The primary focus is to help children learn to monitor, maintain and change their level of alertness so that it is appropriate to a situation or task.

By explaining to your child that his/her body is like an engine, sometimes it runs on “fast”, sometimes it runs on “slow” and sometimes it runs “just right”, your child begins to understand how to keep his/her “engine” on the right speed at the right times, whether its “fast” during break, “slow” during quiet reading or “just fight” during class work. By the end of the 8 week group, a plan will be developed with you and your child to help them with their self-regulation at home, school and while out in the community. Your child will graduate from the group with a packet of information for their school teachers to help them with strategies to aid your child in self-regulation at school, to allow for optimal learning in the classroom.


The Alert Group is offered for children ages 6 fo 12, in 8 week blocks, 90 minutes *per session. Groups range in size from 2-3 children.

*Price includes resource handouts and parent information plus a personalised school visit by an Alert Certified Occupational Therapist.