Form and sustain positive relationships.
Experience, Manage and Express Emotions.

Social and Emotional Development.

As school therapists we have found that the abrupt return to in-person school after the intense lockdown, has created a host of social emotional challenges for students in grade levels. We can help transition them. The objective of this co-treatment group featuring occupational/mental health and art therapy is to assist children manage their feelings by using appropriate behaviour.



How is this done?

  1. Through using a systematic cognitive behavior approach, we teach regulation strategies, social thinking and alertness.
  2. Adapting the Zones of Regulation program, therapists will assist children with behaviour modification.

How will my child benefit?

  1. Social Emotional regulation supports the ability to focus, attend & learn.
  2. Creating daily structure helps your child to understand how behaviour impacts others.
  3. It promotes teamwork & cooperation through group interaction.
  4. It reinforces appropriate social behaviour & social skills.