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Occupational therapists work on Self-regulation which is especially critical for children with ADHD or ADD, whose brain chemistry often leads to poor emotional management and impulse control.



Occupational therapists work with children with Learning disabilities who are having trouble organizing themselves or completing everyday tasks. They also work with children who may have an underlying motor problem that is contributing to, or causing, their academic difficulties. If you suspect that your child has coordination or organizational difficulties, it is important to have him/her assessed by an occupational therapist.

A formal diagnosis is not needed to begin OT. Occupational therapy sessions are individualized to the child's needs or group CKFTO programs are available. Children of all abilities can benefit from OT, including those living with:


  1. Autism Spectrum
  2. Disorders Sensory
  3. Processing Difficulties
  4. ADHD Handwriting issues
  5. Learning Disorders
  6. Down Syndrome
  7. Cerebral Palsy
  8. Cognitive deficits
  9. Picky Eating
  10. Movement disorders
  11. Fine motor skills delay
  12. Global Developmental Delay
  13. TBI
  14. Hydrocephaly